Antonia Giesen, protagonist of the Chilean film “The Man of the Future”

“The Man of the Future” will premiere internationally on Wednesday, July 3rd in the Official Competition of Czech film festival Karlovy Vary. The film is directed by Felipe Ríos, produced by Giancarlo Nasi of Quijote Films, and stars José Soza and Antonia Giesen. It tells the story of Michelsen, a solitary trucker without a place to call home, who sets out on his last trip abroad his truck to Villa O’Higgins, Aysén Region — the extreme south of Chile. Along the way, he begins to let go of everything that supposedly made up his life: his money, job, and health. However, what seems like a tragedy will become a journey of enlightenment, because at the end of the road, he’ll manage to redeem himself for the mistakes of the past, and for the first time, live in the present as he has always longed to, along with his daughter Elena (Giesen). Here the actress tells us what it was like to participate in this first feature.

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