04/12/2018 Short film winner of Cannes and San Sebastián announces its selection in Sundance Film Festival

The Summer of the Electric Lion, directed by Diego Céspedes, will arrive at the end of January at Sundance Film Festival, the most important independent film event in the United States.

The Summer of the Electric Lion will travel in January to Park City, Utah, USA, to be shown at the most important independent film festival in North America. Officially founded in 1985 by actor Robert Redford, Sundance has stood out for providing a privileged space to arthouse and indie cinema in the U.S., a complementary alternative to Hollywood and its big studios. Important works by renowned national directors such as Alejandro Fernández Almendras, Alicia Scherson, Marialy Rivas, and Sebastián Silva have screened at this prestigious festival.

The Summer of the Electric Lion joins them, this being its fourth exhibition in the North American country. The short, starring Lan Fa Salas and Gaspar Gatica, previously screened at DLTA Los Angeles, the Denver Film Festival, and the festival of the American Film Institute, experiencing very positive reception on behalf of American audiences. The expectations of the film’s production aim to continue captivating said audiences, as it looks forward to obtaining more U.S. screenings and other events around the world.

Sundance Film Festival will takes place in Park City from January 24th through February 3rd, 2019, where the short will have 4 special projections.

Prior to Sundance, the short will be projected from December 6th through the 16th in Havana, Cuba, at the 40th International Festival of New Latin American Cinema; in Chile, at the Rukapillán Film Festival, to take place in Valdivia and Pucón from December 11th and 16th; and at the Quilpué Chilean Film Festival (FECICH), whose functions are scheduled for the second week of January.


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