Coproduction from Italy and Chile “Vera de Verdad” is selected at Frontieres Platform in Cannes 2020

The Italian-Chilean coproduction Vera de Verdad, a sci-fi drama, is one of the six feature films, in post-production or recentely completed, selected from this year Frontières Buyers Showcase. A co-presentation between the Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival and the Marché du Film the Frontières Platform focuses on genre movies and 15’ from the film will be shown on the platform, during the online Marchè du Film de Cannes.

Beniamino Catena

Vera de Verdad is the film debut by Benjamino Catena and it is the only Italian/Chilean production in the selection, sharing the list with productions from Canada, Denmark, Estonia, and USA).

Produced by Simone Gandolfo, Manuel Stefanolo (Macaia Film, Italy) and Karina Jury (Atomica Films, Chile), created by Beniamino Catena and Graziano Misuraca, screenplayed by Paola Mammini (Perfect strangers) and Nicoletta Polledro, it is a genre movie shot in Italy (Liguria) and Chile (San Pedro de Atacama) with a professional cast already seen in successfull movies, like Marcelo Alonso (El Club, P. Larraín / La Danza de la Realidad, A. Jodorowky / Araña, A. Wood), Manuela Martelli (Machuca, A. Wood/ Navidad, S. Lelio/ The Future, A. Scherson), Marta Gastini (Borgia, O. Hirchbiergel / The Rite, M. Hafström/ Dracula 3D, D. Argento), Anita Caprioli (Corpo Celeste, A Rohrwacher / Inmaturi, P. Genovese / Il Campione, L. D`Agostini), Davide Lacopini (Diaz, Mia Madre), and Paolo Pierobon (L’ordine delle cose, Alaska).

“The story of Vera is a journey between science and faith, a love and adventure tale, told in a realistic and linear way despite constantly oscillating on the borders of reality”, says the director Beniamino 

“Vera de Verdad”


Vera (10) disappears without a trace. Two years later she returns but instead of being a teenager she is a woman of about 25 years old. The family is upset but DNA test confirms that that woman is really their child. When the images resurface in her memory, Vera realizes that she has lived the life of a man, clinically dead, who woke up at the same moment in which she vanished.

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