Conecta Fiction: A Virtual Space Created to Generate Real and Effective Connections

The virtual event will be held on the week of June 15, focusing on facilitating networking tools with two areas of connection: one individual area and another one in community.
The registration deadline for any of the two formats of the event – online and/or on-site –is open from May 15 through the Conecta FICTION webiste.

 The fourth edition of Conecta FICTION, now named Conecta FICTION Reboot, will have a hybrid format and will be first held online from June 15 to 18. There is also a scheduled on-site edition on September 2 to 3, 2020 in Pamplona-Iruña (Navarra, Spain), which main focus will be the pitching sessions from Conecta FICTION 4.

The scope of Conecta FICTION Reboot will be marked by the quality of its participants and the careful selection of the offered content, as always, aimed at an exclusively high-level, decision making, and professional profile of delegates.

A platform designed to connect

The true connection between participants, essential for the development of co-production projects, same as finding solutions that equally offer a sense of privacy and the closeness of physical meetings to sit down to work, have been some of the challenges that the organization has had to face since the creation of this hybrid format. The development of an in-house online platform, accessible through the Conecta FICTION website, will make this possible. It will count on a customizable management that will attend the necessities of each participant in a differentiated manner.

Géraldine Gonard, director of Conecta FICTION Reboot: Our main objective is to offer a solution for professional connection that will be real and feasible because at this moment we need it more than ever. We know that not everything in the industry has come to a halt. The development of projects has increased as well as the creation and promotion of new formats. This online edition aims to guarantee the quality networking which has always defined Conecta FICTION. Therefore, we have focused on preparing the best connection platform in the market. We wanted an in-house and personalized design, and for us, this means a human team behind this platform that will take care of the participants and provide them with a differentiated service regarding each of their needs. In this design, we are putting a lot of our professional experience because we know first-hand the shortages and demands of our industry. We have thought a lot about which services would make a difference, which of them would truly help projects find partners, which would help companies close alliances and agreements, and, above all, we wanted them to help participants broaden their network in a real, precise and useful manner. We know this is only possible when there is a lot of interactivity between the organization and the participant, which Conecta FICTION always offers and which it will be also offered in Conecta FICTION Reboot, on the week of June 15”.

Exclusive professional networking in a friendly and efficient atmosphere

Two areas of connection, an individual area and another one in community.- The platform will offer two areas of interaction where the participant will be able to opt for engaging in community activities, attending the different activities of the programme, or individually, connecting with colleagues of the industry to exchange problems and solutions, compare strategies, encourage discussions or request recommendations to face the current challenges of the industry.

In the Conecta NETWORKING area, the participant will find three private spaces: The Fiction Box, an online space of connection among the participants (profile, personalized agenda, programme, list of participants, matchmaking, access to files); the MEET-UP 1:1 area, a space to hold meetings between executives; and the SPEED-DATING 1:5 area, where there will be group meetings with interesting investors and commissioners.

In the common access area to all participants there will be, in a compatible schedule for the diverse European and American time zones, livestream events, conferences and presentations with international appealing. All the content of this community area will also be available in the platform for those participants who will not be able to connect during the streaming of such activities.

The accreditation period for the Conecta FICTION Reboot accreditations, for any of the two formats -online and/or on-site, is open from May 15. The registration is only available online through the Conecta FICTION website.

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