White on White

Theo Court /
Drama - Historical / Adults
Spain, France & Chile
Spanish/ English


In the prelude of the 20th century, the marriage of an omnipotent landowner is about to happen in Tierra del Fuego. A photographer arrives there, at the last corner of the Earth, to immortalize the wedding. The future wife, a girl who travels with him, becomes his obsession. An obsession that leads him to seal a pact with which, in exchange for betraying power, can enjoy the innocent beauty of the girl.

Director`s Vision

"White on White seeks to portray the destiny of a society forged over death. It is a story about the invisible guilt in which we participate on a daily basis. The burden that our protagonist carries, in a virgin land marked by the genocide's horrors.


Production sheet

  • Theo Court & Samuel Delgado
  • José Ángel Alayón
  • Amparo Baeza
  • Manuel Muñoz
  • Joaquín Pachón
  • Alfredo Castro, Lars Rudolph, David Pantaleón & Lola Rubio
  • El Viaje Films (Spain)
  • Pomme Hurlante Films (France) & Quijote Films (Chile)
  • Giancarlo Nasi (Chile) & Ángel Alayón (Spain)
  • Marina Alberti (Spain)

Directed by

Theo Court


Sunset (2010)

Short films

The Path (2007)
The Espino (2004)

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