There Will Be Roots

Alejandro Valdeavellano /
Drama - indigenous Peoples / Adults
Spanish, Mapundungun


Matías (23), belongs to an indigenous group that wants to rebuild the Mapuche Nation in southern Chile. His task is to convince and organize an uprising with the communities to carry out a recovery of usurped territories. On the trip he senses that something is not right and learns that one of his friends gives information to the police. In the uprising, Matías is assassinated by the Chilean police. The cycle repeats itself, but the resistance emerges more strongly.

Director`s Vision

To contribute to political and social causes that fight for dignity, in order to serve as denounce promoting the defense of the memory, is from my point of view, what cinema should do today from the emotion and respect.

Production sheet

  • Alejandro Valdeavellano
  • Cristóbal Díaz
  • Lilén Arroyo Muñoz
  • Cristóbal Díaz & Alejandro Valdeavellano
  • Constanza Asenjo
  • Sebastián Colarte
  • Felipe Arce, Nicolás Aliaga & Manuel Díaz
  • Indómito Audiovisual
  • Catalina Rayen

Directed by

Alejandro Valdeavellano


Opera Prima

Short films

Tañi ruka (2018)

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