Song Without a Name

Melina León /
Drama /
Peru, Chile, Spain & US
Spanish, Quechua


Inspired by real events, Song without a name is the story of Georgina Condori, an Andean young woman whose newborn baby disappears from a fake clinic. In the middle of the political chaos of that time, Pedro Campos, a young journalist from Lima, takes over the investigation and together begin the desperate search. Set in the 80's, the film takes place in the midst of an economic crisis and the rise of Sendero Luminoso.

Production sheet

  • Melina León & Michael White
  • Inti Briones
  • Gisela Ramirez
  • Melina León, Manuel Bauer & Antolin Prieto
  • Pablo Rivas
  • Pauchi Sasaki
  • Pamela Mendoza, Tommy Párraga, Lucio Rojas & Maykol Hernandéz
  • La vida misma (Peru)
  • La Mula Producciones (Peru), MGC (Spain) & Bord Cadre (Switzerland)
  • Rolando Toledo (Peru), Patrick Bencomo (Spain) & Rafael Alvarez (Spain)
  • Melina León (Peru), Inti Briones (Chile) & Michael White (US)

  • Luxbox (France)


Directed by

Melina León


Opera Prima

Short films

Lili's Paradise (2009)
Una 45 para los gastos del mes (2000)

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