Snuff Tapes

Vito García Viedma /
Thriller - Horror / Adults


When finding some VHS tapes with images of depravity, torture and real rapes, Catalina begins to remember her own rape years ago, triggering her to face all her past demons in a quest search filled with revenge, accompanied by two victims by the same psychopath.

Director`s Vision

The motivation to make this film was the need to continue creating one of the most fascinating arts in the world, cinema. Regarding the topic in particular, Cintas Snuff was an idea like many: one can not know the time of its arrival, but I immediately gave importance to it because it was a project that could be done with little money and where the human factor was of relevance.

Production sheet

  • Eva Castro & Vito García Viedma
  • Ricardo Jara
  • Vito García Viedma
  • Vito García Viedma
  • Mauricio Sánchez
  • Ricardo Jara, Roly Rojas & Mauricio Sánchez
  • Valentina Soto Albornoz, Camila Carreño, Camila Medina & Hugo Villar.
  • Zinefilms
  • Vito García Viedma

Directed by

Vito García Viedma


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