Vinko Tomicic /
Drama - Human Rights / All Audience
Bolivia, Chile & Argentina


One dark night in La Paz, Martin celebrates his fourteenth birthday with his shoe shine friends, who encourage him to flirt with Sandra, a young dancer who works at a nightclub. Between superstitions and a land that comes to life, their bodies will only be flesh under a few sparkles of light.

Director`s Vision

Aicha is the mirror of a society marked by social prejudices. The portrait of forgotten young people in unrequited places, of a childhood as fleeting as the small victories that randomly come to their lives.

Production sheet

  • Vinko Tomicic
  • Francisco Villa
  • Javier Cuellar
  • Francisco Hevia
  • Christian Cosgrove
  • Wara
  • Rúben Flores, Chelsie Zeballos & Leonardo Inofuentes.
  • Color Monster (Bolivia)
  • Calamar Cine (Chile), Yagán Films (Chile) & Paraíso Sonido (Argentina)
  • Francisco Hevia (Chile), Francisco Villa (Argentina) & Camila Molina (Bolivia).
  • Álvaro Manzano

  • Marvin&Wayne (España)

Directed by

Vinko Tomicic


Cockroach (2016)

Short films

Durmiente (2014)

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