Letters from a Whistler fan to a Conrad fan

Claudia Carreño Gajardo /
Essay - Art - Historical / All Audience


On the eve of a boat trip, a woman is inspired by the life and work of the American painter J. A. Whistler to address, through oral letters, to Pedro, a lover of maritime adventure novels.

Director`s Vision

I was interested in creating a dialogue between painting and literature, to talk about how the invention of cinema provided just that space, and to investigate such universal subjects as the relationship between art and life, creative obstinacy, love and adventure travel.

Production sheet

  • Claudia Carreño Gajardo
  • Claudia Carreño Gajardo
  • Claudia Carreño Gajardo
  • Marcelo Lezana
  • Daniel Blanco Pantoja, Speck & Frederic Chopin interpretado por Dinu Lipatti
  • Nadador film & Sound Art
  • Claudia Carreño Gajardo

Directed by

Claudia Carreño Gajardo


Opera Prima

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