Land of Ashes

Sofía Quiróz /
Drama - Coming of Age / Adults
Chile & Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile & France


Selva (13) discovers that death is just the shedding of our skin. We can become wolves, goats, shadows or anything that fantasy allows.

Director`s Vision

During the process that led to 'Land of Ashes' I promised myself spontaneity, and I found it in my daily experience with the actors. I worked for two years with Smachleen (Selva): I saw her grow up. I met Humberto (Tata) in a Nursing Home a couple of months later: I saw him rejuvenate. We lived together for a month in pre-production, Selva played and imagined she was a mother, Humberto became a child again. Then, the shooting came and everything came together: working with friends, nature as another character, using silence, the wild sounds of the Caribbean, improvisation, film that shapes the invisible, the dead peaking from the shadows, the magic in mourning, the act of love that involves helping your grandfather die... but most of all trusting Selva, girl of fire.

Production sheet

  • Sofía Quirós Ubeda
  • Francisca Sáez Agurto
  • Carolina Lett
  • Ariel Escalante Meza
  • Yagán Films
  • Wissam Hojeij
  • Smachleen Gutiérrez, Humberto Samuels, Hortensia Smith & Keha Brown
  • Sputnik Films (Costa Rica)
  • La POST Producciones (Chile), Murillo Cine (Argentina), Promenades Films (France)
  • Mariana Murillo Quesada

Directed by

Sofía Quiróz


Opera Prima

Short films

Selva (2016)
Entre Tierra (2015)

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