In the Shade of Trees

Matías Rojas /
Drama / Adultos
Chile, France, Colombia, Germany & Argentina
Spanish - German


Pablo (12), the son of a rural mother enters the boarding school of Colonia Dignidad, a settlement of German immigrants from the south of Chile, with the goal of receiving a better education. Gradually, Pablo becomes the leader’s favourite, Uncle Paul (68), whom he looks up to as the father he never had. However, being the favorite hides an obligation that gives an abrupt end to his innocence, and that will lead him to plan an almost impossible escape with irreversible consequences.

Director`s Vision

In the Shade of Trees is more than a historical drama, it delves into the intimate perspective of the children and the inhabitants of the colony in terms of their relationship with Paul Schäfer and the daily functioning of Colonia Dignidad.

Production sheet

  • Matías Rojas
  • Benjamín Echazarreta
  • Laura Caliguri
  • Delfina Castagnino
  • Isabel Torres
  • Quijote Films
  • Mandra Films (France), Séptima Films (Colombia), Unafilm (Germany) & Autocroma (Argentina)
  • Denis Vaslin (France), Jorge Botero (Colombia), Titus Kreyenberg (Germany) & Iván Granovsky (Argentina)
  • Giancarlo Nasi

Directed by

Matías Rojas


Root (2013)

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