Hope Asylum

José Ignacio Navarro /
Drama / All Audience


Roberto is 94 years old and lives in the Hope Asylum. Today is a great day for him because it is the birthday of his best friend, Eulalio; everything must go well, but before thinking about parties, he has to take medication, will Roberto be able to take all of his medicine before the birthday ends?

Director`s Vision

Hope Asylum is an acid glance about old age, overmedication and loneliness. It tells about the passing of time, the briefness of life and unfinished dreams. It is a small story told with a complex and traditional animation technique.

Production sheet

  • José Ignacio Navarro
  • Enzo Cortavitarte
  • José Ignacio Navarro
  • Yagán Films
  • Juan Andrés Ariztía, Felipe Mujica & Sebastián Astorga
  • Enzo & José
  • Lunes
  • Estudio Pegajoso
  • Enzo Cortavitarte, Santiago O`Ryan & Jorge Campusano
  • José Ignacio Navarro

  • Lunes


Directed by

José Ignacio Navarro


Homeless (2019)

Short films

Waldo`s Dream (2018)

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