Ignacio Ruiz /
Drama / Adults
Chile & Japan


Masaki (34) tries to get used to a new country after moving due to a great loss back in Japan. The food, the restroom, the language, the work, everything is different when it comes to his routines, and although he has a good attitude he can’t seem to adapt. His doubts and dialogues with his past will make him decide either to return or to resignate not having achieved his goals.

Director`s Vision

After working with Chavetaro, having filmed with a lof of planning for years and seeing our lives affected by filmmaking, we decided to look for a visual and narrative construction that would take over the moment we were living.

Production sheet

  • Ignacio Ruiz
  • Ignacio Ruiz
  • Victor Silva & Braulio Navarro
  • Cristian Arias
  • Cristian Arias
  • Chavetaro Ishizaki
  • Niebla Producciones
  • Vicente Creative Team
  • Chavetaro Ishizaki (Japan)
  • Ignacio Ruiz

  • Niebla Producciones


Directed by

Ignacio Ruiz


Green Grass (2019)

Short films

Burn (2018)
Rest (2018)
Pawn (2017)
Ramón (2016)
I Miss You (2015)}
Yellow Apples (2014)
Enco, A Setas Journey (2011)
Joaquín (2011)
Humanoid non Robot (2010)

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