Extinct Animals

Lucas Quintana /
Drama / Adolescents


A group of classmates are on their last field trip before ending high school. As they try to have fun, pressures and insecurities about their future begin to torment them, and the worst side of each of them begins to show.

Director`s Vision

"Extinct Animals is based on personal experience. A piece about teenage years and silence, alienation due private christian education, and the overall idea of human beings being incapable of repairing themselves."

Production sheet

  • Lucas Quintana
  • Michael Meneses
  • Laura Sánchez
  • Lucas Quintana
  • Betzabé Naipil
  • Lucas Balmaceda, Andrés Waas, Juan Carlos Maldonado & Nicolás Rojas
  • Escuela de Cine & Audiovisual Instituto Profesional Arcos
  • Tres Tercios & Raconto Cine
  • Jeremy Hatcher & Manu López
  • Sebastián Castillo

Directed by

Lucas Quintana


Monster (2018)

Short films

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Weird People (2017)
Hemosestadopeor (2016)

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