Everyman for himself

Alexis Donoso Reyes /
Drama / All Audience


Vicencio (70), a lonely and alcoholic country man suffers a heart attack. His daughter Aurora (45) and his grandson Andres (15), take him to live in their apartment in the city. As days go by, grandfather and grandson start to get closer beside their differences. Vicencio who doesn’t want to cause any more problems for his daughter secretly runs away with the help of Andres.

Director`s Vision

This story manifests the prominent conflict between the urban and the rural, through new building constructions and the imposition of a life rhythm. Love is presented as a solution to resist in a society that can become very hostile.

Production sheet

  • Alexis Donoso
  • Christhoper Contreras
  • Gerardinne Severino
  • Alexis Donoso
  • Jonathan Ayala & Mauro Astudillo
  • Leonardo Pizarro, Nicolás Rojas & Romina Herrera
  • Cinema Girasol
  • Nítida Producciones & Santiago Independiente
  • Macarena Monrós Núñez

Directed by

Alexis Donoso Reyes


Opera Prima

Short films

The Legacy of the Hero (2017)
The Sailor, the Cocaine Addict, the Cocodrile and His Lover (2015)

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