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Sentenced to death, a prisoner over 60 times due to protests, he paralyzed a whole country. Founder of the first humans rights’ organization in Chile, he was the visible face against Pinochet’s dictatorship. Respected by all the Presidents, a symbol for the workers and the union struggle. Betrayed by his own people, forgotten by everyone... Clotario Blest the documentary.

Director`s Vision

We go through ninety years of history, passion, pain, joy, but most of all, the fight of the workers. He was able to give his live for another, and so he did. That is the story we want to tell, how a man changed a country.

Production sheet

  • Boris Varela
  • Cristian Avila
  • Betzabé Gatica & Catalina Ortega
  • Boris Varela & Claudio Ramos
  • Pablo Cepeda
  • Yerko Varela & Gustavo Letelier
  • Raúl López, Maximiliano Avila & Alvaro Páez
  • Factoría Audiovisual
  • Fundación Clotario Blest
  • Ivan Paredes & Cristian Avila

Directed by

Boris Varela


Liberty (2016)

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