Be Water

Franco Sellés /
Experimental - Essay / All Audience


The human being has entered a time where social ties and an stressful life full of pressures take us away more and more from our personal time and spirituality (nature). This documentary promotes the awareness of this problem and alludes that we are partly like water, because it always finds its way and reaches its destination.

Director`s Vision

The intention of making this short film was to be able to generate awareness on a subject that concerns us all and / or affects us. From simplicity and beauty tries to build a subtle message that opens our eyes and way of seeing life.

Production sheet

  • Sofía Bouchard, Franco Sellés & Gabriel Aranguiz Astorga
  • Gabriel Aranguiz Astorga, Pedro Mujica Lorenzini & Franco Sellés
  • Franco Sellés
  • Pedro Mujica Lorenzini
  • Javier Valenzuela Soto & Pedro Mujica Lorenzini
  • Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  • Sofía Bouchard
  • Cintamani Films
  • Indio + Intiz + Kill Your Ego
  • Javier Valenzuela Soto

  • Cintamani Films

Directed by

Franco Sellés

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