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Experimental - Horror / All Audience
United Kingdom & Chile


"Dani is harassed by another self on the other side of the mirror, what to do when an extension of yourself tries to get rid of you?"

Director`s Vision

Ankou, based on folk tales from the north of England, tells the story of someone who tries to steal a person's identity, through a ritual with a mirror. The intention is to represent the myth and the symbolism of this phenomenon.

Production sheet

  • Jonathon Watkiss
  • Jonathon Watkiss
  • Jonathon Watkiss
  • Jonathon Watkiss
  • Nikola Barron
  • Flesh Eating Foundation, E-MEN, Daniel Cartes, Thomas Negovan & Genesis P. Orridge
  • Nonnie Owen
  • Konnektiv Arts (UK)
  • Cintamani Films
  • Soledad Cáceres
  • Jonathon Watkiss & Rod Sáez Chávez

  • Rod Sáez Chávez


Directed by

Jonathon Watkiss


The Doxey Boggart (2017)

Short films

Bones Picked (2018)

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