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Drama - Portrait / Adults
(Español) Castellano


Oscar decided fourty years ago to live under a cliff, by the sea, completely isolated to enjoy his freedom. When he is hungry, he dives or hunts, and his entertainment is reading and music. This decision implies not only an effort of physical survival, but also of an emotional one, in his fragile body live two opposing personalities that put this freedom to the test.

Director`s Vision

Anacoreta is a documentary where the duality of the character allows to speak of freedom and at the same time of slavery. That duality, is what I want to reflect as a sample of our own society, free and at the same time prisoner of its rules.

Production sheet

  • Francisco Bermejo, Pilar Ducci, Javiera Velozo & Francisco Hervé
  • Francisco Bermejo
  • Javiera Velozo
  • Claudio Vargas
  • Oscar
  • Panchito Films
  • Francisco Hervé

Directed by

Francisco Bermejo


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Short films

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