Antonio Vilches Villagra /
Drama - Human Rights / All Audience


Deysi (17) lives in Coyhaique, in the south of Chile. Her only great dream is to study at a private university in the capital. Her mother always told her that this was an important goal in life. Just when she is about to get everything ready to leave, Sandra, her mother, tells her that she can not longer go because of her different abilities, Deysi is affected by the news, but seize it and sticks to what she already has in her short but beautiful life.

Director`s Vision

When I visited Coyhaique, two things caught my attention, the few opportunities and the desire to emigrate. This motivated me to show these two factors through the eyes of a teenager with different abilities.

Production sheet

  • Max Sotomayor
  • Simón Varea
  • Luz Rapoport
  • Antonio Vilches
  • Ricardo Valenzuela
  • Deysi Elgueta & Sandra Santos
  • Niebla Producciones
  • Jose Luis Venegas Escobar

  • SouthBorder Distribution

Directed by

Antonio Vilches Villagra

Short films

At the Edge (2015)

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