27 floors (to live and invest)

Álvaro Rivera /
Autobiographical - Architecture / All Audience


A former student visits his old school located in one of the communes most affected by real estate pressure in Santiago, Chile. Through an exercise of observation and memory, the film explores the transformations provoked in the neighborhood and the dimensions of territorial attachment.

Director`s Vision

The irruption of a deregulated real estate development has generated important changes in the social and urban structure of our cities. Twelve years after my graduation, I return to the place where I grew up to portray the spaces built in my memory, in a completely unrecognizable environment.

Production sheet

  • Álvaro Rivera
  • Álvaro Rivera
  • Álvaro Rivera
  • Álvaro Rivera
  • Camila Castillo
  • Álvaro Rivera

  • Álvaro RIvera

Directed by

Álvaro Rivera

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