Effervescence and Diversity As always, it is a honor for CinemaChile to present to the world the films that Chile has to offer through this catalog, which grows and overflows with talent with each passing year. In this piece, you shall find a wide array of over 120 films — almost twice the amount that we presented last year. Our industry has g

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  THE SECRET FILM WORK OF CRISTIÁN SÁNCHEZ   What is the best way to unveil a secret? Perhaps the answer lies in seeing what the nature of this aforementioned secret is, establishing whether it is best for it to remain this way, or whether the time has come to share it with others. If the latter option were to be chosen, this secret

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CinemaChile is the result of joint public and private efforts to internationalize our country’s film and audiovisual production. This collective task would not be possible without the collaboration of the Film and Television Producer´s Unions Association – APCT – ProChile – the Program of “Sectoral Brands” and Creative Industries -, The National Council for Culture and the Arts  and its National Audiovisual Fund, Film Commission Chile, The Cultural Affairs Department – DIRAC -, CORFO -, the Chilean Association of Directors and Scriptwriters  – ADG -, the Association of Chilean Documentarians – ADOC – and the Cultural Corporation CHILEDOC, the Chilean Association of Animators – ANIMACHI- and the Association of Independent Producers – API-.

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