About CinemaChile

What is CinemaChile?

CinemaChile is a public-private agency responsible for the promotion and diffusion of Chilean audiovisual productions throughout the world. It was created in 2009 by Chile’s Film and TV Producers Association (APCT) and ProChile, under the “Sectorial Brands” program.

CinemaChile is an active office that facilitates the exporting and internationalization of film and every format of audiovisual production, both for companies that are consolidated in the international circuit, as well as those who are beginning to forge their paths abroad.

>>> Objectives

– To facilitate the positioning of our productions at A-class festivals, which in turn increase the commercialization value of our products in the international market, as well as to enable productions in series, virtual or animated formats to participate in the field’s most important international events.

– To develop a strategic and commercial marketing strategy that makes the Chilean film and TV industry attractive to the international market.

– To contribute to the field’s professionalization.

– To maintain constant interaction with players of the Chilean and international audiovisual industry, including media specialized in the film and TV industry at a global level.

>>> Actions

– To promote Chilean films (fiction, documentary, animation, virtual reality) and their diverse formats at the international festivals and markets (or industry spaces) that CinemaChile attends, from their participation in competitions to market instances.

– To promote television productions (fiction, documentary, animation, virtual reality) and their diverse formats at the international festivals and markets (or industry spaces) that CinemaChile attends.

– To maintain contact and generate relationships between national and global audiovisual industries, with a special emphasis on buyers, producers, programmers, distributors and media outlets.

– To facilitate the presence of the national delegations that attend each festival and market that CinemaChile participates in, providing Chilean professionals with diffusion spaces for their works (web platforms, social media, promotion pieces, events, among others).

– To disseminate the work (news) and achievements of the Chilean film and TV industry through specialized media outlets.

– To generate news agendas and commercial networks, both at individual meeting as well as far-reaching international events.

– To carry out annual publications such as the International Catalog of Chilean Film and the International Catalog of Chilean TV, in order to facilitate the work of international intermediary agents and prestigious festivals.

– To organize and conduct seminars and lectures aimed towards the Chilean audiovisual industry, which are the results of the experience of both CinemaChile as well as of the Chilean professionals who participate in international markets and festivals, materializing their knowledge and work through these academic activities, always with a focus on skills training for the international market.

CinemaChile Team

  • Constanza Arena Executive Director
  • Gilda Cid General Producer
  • Valeria Bastias Head of Press & Communications
  • Elisa Leiva International Relations
  • Ashley Salman International Production
  • Annika Madrid National Production & Administration
  • Francesc Morales Community Manager
  • Javiera Farías Journalist
  • Joan Viáfara Audiovisual Producer
  • Javier Carrasco Design
  • Catalina Cornejo Design
  • Carolina Acevedo Administration

APCT Board

  • Sebastián Freud President
  • Gabriela Sandoval Vice President
  • Juan de Dios Larraín Director
  • Gastón Chedufau Director
  • Macarena Cardone Secretary
  • Sergio Gándara Treasurer

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