New films make up the second edition of Chilean Cinema Thursdays

Just as we announced last Thursday, March 26, CinemaChile has inaugurated a new section, focused on promoting Chilean Cinema during these times when the entire world is facing a growing pandemic. The space, entitled Chilean Cinema Thursdays, will liberate diverse titles in national cinema on a weekly basis so that you can accompany us during quarantine, allowing you to watch them not only within national territory, but abroad as well.

A week ago, the initial kick off was led by two female directors: Marcela Said with the documentaries El Mocito and Opus Dei, and animator Fernanda Frick with her short film Here’s the Plan. This week, it’s talented director Maite Alberdi’s turn, along with Waldo Salgado, two filmmakers who have distinguished themselves at home and abroad through their work.

From Alberdi, we will be sharing her first feature film, The Lifeguard, which premiered in 2011 at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, marking the beginning of a successful, polished career in the world of film. This feature follows Mauricio, a lifeguard on the Chilean beach of El Tabo, who never goes in the water.

(password: mauricio)

Salgado, on the other hand, will call “present” this Chilean Cinema Thursday with the short film Tree Boy, a production that premiered in 2013 in the Generation section at the Berlin Film Festival. Starring Mariana Loyola, Néstor Cantillana, and Felipe Álvarez, the film evokes childhood and the search for belonging.

The two  works will be available until next Thursday, April 9, when we will announce other productions by new as well as consecrated talents, and which will be available free of cost and no need to subscribe.

We will continue raising awareness and taking solidary measures during these times. If possible, stay at home, and enjoy these titles.




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