Unidos. Chile cambió

On October 18th, Chile saw the explosion of a profound social crisis that shook our country’s deepest structures. The international audiovisual community and the entire world took notice. Riots on the streets, and an everyday struggle led to historical protests and marches, such as the one that took place in Santiago on Friday, October 25th. The unity and solidarity amongst citizens caused our country to transform itself in the course of only one month. Today, despite the pain, the loss of valuable lives, and hundreds of injured protesters, one can foresee a future that promises social justice, even if the path to getting there is a long one, with even more obstacles to overcome.

CinemaChile has been following the events closely as they unfold, knowing that our audiovisual creators and producers have been called upon to document and recount what is happening in this historical moment, one that is being captured through videos and shown on internet platforms. In the future, these images  will be transformed into profound reflections through films, series, documentaries, and various other formats and means of expression. The importance and the values of our national audiovisual community is changing along with the structure of our society, and as CinemaChile we are interested in being part of this important collective force.

Together with the APCT, Chile’s Film and Television Producers Association and one of CinemaChile’s creators and private partners, as well as several other associations and guilds in the field, we expressed our rejection and condemnation of all of the acts of violence and human rights abuses perpetrated by the State’s military and law enforcement forces. We therefore join others in a call for dialogue with authorities and social organizations with the objective of orienting a way out of this conflict in a peaceful, constructive and collaborative manner, supporting a transversal roundtable that can rise to the circumstances and the needs required by all of Chile’s citizens through a new Constitution and social pact.

The brand CinemaChile, which belongs to ProChile’s Sectorial Brands program, will continue to promote the work of the Chilean audiovisual industry’s professionals abroad, highlighting its unity, talent and commitment to our changing national struggle, now more than ever. We stand together as a  sector whose collective perspective is dedicated to the search for truth and social justice.

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