12/03/2019 Ten Chilean producers to call ‘present’ at the 2019 Guadalajara Film Festival

Last Friday, March 8th rang in the 34th annual Guadalajara International Film Festival (FICG), a competition that, this year, has Chile as its guest of honor. The event, which boasts a large national delegation, is currently exhibiting a significant showing of contemporary Chilean cinema and a cultural heritage screening at the Cineteca de México, and there are important professionals participating in the competitive categories.

The professionals arrived in Guadalajara thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage, through the Council of Art and the Audiovisual Industry’s (CAIA) International Market Participation Support Program, and they are: Natalia Isotta from Cine UDD; Alejandro Ugarte from Infractor Films; Carlos Núñez from Storyboard Media; Elisa Sepúlveda from Capicúa Films; Pablo Calisto from Equeco; Giancarlo Nasi from Quijote Films, Rocío Jadue from Fabula; Alejo Crisóstomo from Ceibita Films; Pablo Green from Lanza Verde; and Sergio Gándara from Parox.

Isotta traveled in representation of the Universidad del Desarrollo Film School, a project focused on teaching filmmakers creative abilities, such as knowledge about the film industry. Today they are developing their first documentary and starting a business department as an independent distributor. She arrived at the Mexican festival with the films La Última Frontera by Fernanda Abarca and Andrés Opazo; Violeta by Paula Contreras; and Submerged by Andrés Finat. The three films are currently in search of sales agents.

Submerged by Andrés Finat

Ugarte, founder of the production company Infractor Films, arrived in Mexico in representation of his company, which focuses on productions whose narratives revolve around social themes told by young filmmakers. The productions currently being presented at FICG are: Calle by Juan Cáceres; Born and Raised by Jorge Donoso; and La Conmemoración by Pepe Nacho. The three works require co-productions, sales agents, and festivals.

Born and Raised by Jorge Donoso

Núñez arrived at the Guadalajara Film Festival along with Storyboard Media, a company founded in 2004, made up of multidisciplinary professionals, which focuses its action holistically on three fields: cultural development, film distribution, and film production. They have 5 titles already premiered internationally and another 4 in development.

The films with which he attended and for which he is seeking investors and co-producers are: White Wind by David Albala; Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us by Sofía Paloma Gómez and Camilo Becerra; and After Elena by Shawn Garry.

Maybe It’s True What They Say About Us by Sofía Paloma Gómez

Sepúlveda traveled with the production company Capicúa, which focuses on new perspectives, unique aesthetics, and potential films around the world. They arrived at the Mexican event with two films in search of co-production: The Light Prisoner by Nicolás Lasnibat, and Ars Culinaria by Álvaro Muñoz and Omar Saavedra.

Light Prisoner by Nicolás Lasnibat

Calisto arrived at FICG in representation of Equeco, a young Chilean production company born in 2016 whose objective is to develop quality audiovisual content that is innovative in its language and capacity. He brought three films to Guadalajara that require co-producers: Pepperoni by Tomás Alzamora, History and Geography by Bernardo Quesney, and A Woman Wants to Die by Constanza Figari.

Pepperoni, by Tomás Alzamora

Nasi attended the festival with Quijote, founded in 2009 as an independent production company dedicated to arthouse films. He brought They All Come Back by María Paz González, In the Shades of Trees by Matías Rojas, and Blanquita by Fernando Guzzoni. All of the productions seek sales agents, a premiere, and a distributor.


They All Come Back by María Paz González

Jadue presented herself to FICG in representation of the production company Fabula, recognized for its work with directors like Pablo Larraín and Sebastián Lelio. Created in 2004 by Pablo and Juan de Dios Larraín, it boasts three areas: film, television, publicity, and production services. She will attend the event with Pablo Larraín’s latest feature film, Ema; My Friend Alexis by Alejandro Fernández Almendras; and The Sorcerers by Christopher Murray. All three require sales agents.

Ema, by Pablo Larraín

Crisóstomo arrived at the Festival of Guadalajara representing Ceibita Films, a film and television production company committed to cultural and audiovisual development in Latin America. It was founded in 2006 in Guatemala, and in 2014, they established a new organization in Chile. He arrived to the event with two works requiring co-producers, one of his own authorship entitled The Life in Paula, and El Retiro by Alfonso Gazitúa. Along with the two prior pieces, he presented the film Attachment by Patricia Velásquez, which seeks sales agents.

El retiro, by Alfonso Gazitúa

Green attended with the production company co-founded with director Claudia Huaiquimilla, Lanza Verde. He brought Riot by Claudia Huaquimilla, a film that requires co-producers and sales agents; A Song to Die, directed by himself, which requires financing, sales agents, and post-production; and Jemmy Button by Leo Beltrán, which seeks co-production and financing.

Riot, by Claudia Huaiquimilla

Gándara arrived in Mexico with production company Parox, which is constantly in search of good, new ideas, the motive for which has become an open space for projects by many creators, generating professional links and friendships between Latin American countries and Europe. To FICG, he brought Silver Bridge, which seeks co-producers and distribution platforms.

Silver Bridge


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